filesystem full - freebsd 5.3

Eric Anderson anderson at
Mon Dec 19 05:17:30 PST 2005

Lukas Ertl wrote:

> On Mon, 19 Dec 2005, Oliver Fromme wrote:
>> > > Perhaps more likely, he was trying to allocate full-size blocks, and
>> > > the only things available were fragments.  The output from df 
>> doesn't
>> > > distinguish between the two types of available space.  You can use
>> > > dumpfs(8) to do that.
>> >
>> > This version seems more likely for me.
>> In the situation give, I think it is rather unlikely.
> We have to cope with the same problem here.  It's a 662GB filesystem 
> used for Cyrus imapd mail folders.  55GB free space, plenty of free 
> inodes, and yet we get "filesystem full" messages.  If we remove some 
> mail folders (postmaster double bounce stuff, thousands of mails per 
> dir), the kernel stops complaining about a full filesystem (until it 
> runs out of $factor_x again).
> We are now moving to a new machine, where we will split up the large 
> filesystem to smaller ones.

This is interesting - can you touch a new file?  Also, can you post 
(http please) your dumpfs output also? I realize it might be large.

The most interesting pieces to me are the superblock and cylindar 
summary info, plus maybe the first 100 cylindar group info.


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