Wine-fbsd64 updated to 1.3.34 (32bit Wine for 64bit FreeBSD)

David Naylor naylor.b.david at
Thu Dec 15 04:14:58 UTC 2011


Packages [1] for wine-fbsd64-1.3.34 have been uploaded to mediafire [2].  

There are many reports that wine does not work with a clang compiled world 
(help in fixing this problem is appreciated as it affects quite a few users).  

The patch [3] for nVidia users is now included in the package and is run on 
installation (if the relevant files are accessable).  Please read the 
installation messages for further information.    



  MD5 (freebsd8/wine-fbsd64-1.3.34,1.tbz) = 772fc62a7278f9838b273b04c64aba00
  MD5 (freebsd9/wine-fbsd64-1.3.34,1.txz) = b8267c46e9dc6727f23138ec146abf68
[3] The patch is located at /usr/local/share/wine/
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