docs/162354: Improve wording in rc.conf(5) regarding network-interfaces.

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jh> On Monday, November 07, 2011 12:09:36 pm moritz at wrote:
jh> >
jh> > >Number:         162354
jh> > >Category:       docs
jh> > >Synopsis:       Improve wording in rc.conf(5) regarding network-interfaces.
jh> > >Confidential:   no
jh> > >Severity:       non-critical
jh> > >Priority:       low
jh> > >Responsible:    freebsd-doc
jh> > >State:          open
jh> > >Quarter:
jh> > >Keywords:
jh> > >Date-Required:
jh> > >Class:          doc-bug
jh> > >Submitter-Id:   current-users
jh> > >Arrival-Date:   Mon Nov 07 19:00:22 UTC 2011
jh> > >Closed-Date:
jh> > >Last-Modified:
jh> > >Originator:     Moritz Wilhelmy
jh> > >Release:        FreeBSD 9.0-RC1 amd64
jh> > >Organization:
jh> > >Environment:
jh> > >Description:
jh> > 	According to rc.conf(5), ifconfig_<interface>_alias<n> is deprecated,
jh> > 	because it fails if <n> is not continuously increasing (i.e. if a number
jh> is
jh> > 	missing, the rc-scripts abort the search for bigger values of <n>.)
jh> > 	It isn't specified what should be used instead; I guessed
jh> > 	ipv4_addrs_<interface>, but Marco Steinbach brought
jh> > 	/etc/start_if.<interface> to my attention, which is mentioned in the same
jh> > 	paragraph. This is confusing. Could someone please clarify which one of
jh> > 	these is supposed to be used in place of the deprecated
jh> > 	ifconfig_<interface>_alias<n>, especially since ipv4_addrs_<interface>
jh> seems
jh> > 	not to have an equivalent ipv6_* variable?
jh> I don't think ifconfig_IF_aliasN is depreated, though you can now use
jh> ifconfig_IF_aliases as an alternate.  Also, both ifconfig_IF_aliases
jh> and ifconfig_IF_aliasN handle both IPv4 and IPv6.  See this commit for more
jh> details:

 The sentence "Due to this difficult to manage behavior, the
 ifconfig_IF_aliasN form is deprecated." was added back in 2005, when
 ipv4_addrs_IF was added.  I guess it was considered that
 ipv4_addrs_IF was the replacement of ifconfig_IF_aliasN.

 I refactored it in a AF-independent manner and used
 ifconfig_IF_aliases as the successor, but I did not change that part
 in rc.conf(5) manual page.  I think we can think both
 ifconfig_IF_aliasN and ifconfig_IF_aliases are currently supported.
 There is no immediate plan to remove ifconfig_IF_aliasN, at least.

 Is it reasonable to remove the sentence?

-- Hiroki
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