docs/162354: Improve wording in rc.conf(5) regarding network-interfaces.

Moritz Wilhelmy moritz at
Wed Sep 4 07:49:51 UTC 2013

On Wed, Sep 04, 2013 at 13:22:35 +0900, Hiroki Sato wrote:
> John Baldwin <jhb at> wrote
>   in <201309031426.34775.jhb at>:
> jh> I don't think ifconfig_IF_aliasN is depreated, though you can now use
> jh> ifconfig_IF_aliases as an alternate.  Also, both ifconfig_IF_aliases
> jh> and ifconfig_IF_aliasN handle both IPv4 and IPv6.  See this commit for more
> jh> details:
> jh>
> jh>

Thanks. Having both IPv6 and IPv4 in the same place with the ability to
just configure an entire subnet sounds like a sane decision.

>  The sentence "Due to this difficult to manage behavior, the
>  ifconfig_IF_aliasN form is deprecated." was added back in 2005, when
>  ipv4_addrs_IF was added.  I guess it was considered that
>  ipv4_addrs_IF was the replacement of ifconfig_IF_aliasN.
>  I refactored it in a AF-independent manner and used
>  ifconfig_IF_aliases as the successor, but I did not change that part
>  in rc.conf(5) manual page.  I think we can think both
>  ifconfig_IF_aliasN and ifconfig_IF_aliases are currently supported.
>  There is no immediate plan to remove ifconfig_IF_aliasN, at least.
>  Is it reasonable to remove the sentence?

I think it is. Thank you!
I see the changes are already in 9.2 so I'm happy for now :)


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