Wayland work status

Jan Kokemüller jan.kokemueller at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 14:32:52 UTC 2016


On 12.08.16 01:18, Lundberg, Johannes wrote:
> x11/libinput (removed udev-stubs and linked to libudev-devd)

If you feel adventurous, you can try out the current state of the 
libinput port here (1.4.0):

I haven't yet tested the port with the evdev kernel work, though. I've 
been using my evdev implementation in userspace which uses cuse to 
create /dev/input/event* devices (https://github.com/jiixyj/evdevfbsd). 
I needed to adjust a few ioctl defines from the linux/input.h header to 
make some features work. The way Linux defines EVIOCGMTSLOTS and 
EVIOCGRAB didn't work with cuse. The kernel evdev implementation may 
work slightly differently, so that's something to look out for.

I've moved the udev-stubs.{c,h} out of the port into a separate library, 
but libudev-devd (https://github.com/wulf7/libudev-devd) certainly looks 
more mature!

The libinput code itself isn't that different from upstream anymore. 
I've removed the epoll->kqueue porting work and written a small epoll 
wrapper instead that implements everything libinput/libevdev and 
possibly wayland needs (https://github.com/jiixyj/epoll-shim). This 
isn't integrated yet into the build system of the libinput port, though. 
So you have to do something like 'CFLAGS="-I ~/git/epoll-shim/include -L 
~/git/epoll-shim -lepoll-shim -pthread" LDFLAGS="-pthread -lrt"' when 
configuring libinput.

All this can be used with the xf86-input-libinput driver to get smooth 
and horizontal scrolling in X, which is awesome!


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