Wayland work status

Lundberg, Johannes johannes at brilliantservice.co.jp
Fri Aug 12 17:22:44 UTC 2016

> If you feel adventurous, you can try out the current state of the libinput
> port here (1.4.0):
> https://github.com/jiixyj/libinput
​Great! Will check it out.

> I haven't yet tested the port with the evdev kernel work, though. I've
> been using my evdev implementation in userspace which uses cuse to create
> /dev/input/event* devices (https://github.com/jiixyj/evdevfbsd). I needed
> to adjust a few ioctl defines from the linux/input.h header to make some
> features work. The way Linux defines EVIOCGMTSLOTS and EVIOCGRAB didn't
> work with cuse. The kernel evdev implementation may work slightly
> differently, so that's something to look out for.
​Kernel evdev implementation seems to work great. It is fairly easy to add
evdev functionality to existing drivers. I just patched the wsp (for
Macbook's touchpad) driver to add it to evdev. I modified it a bit to add
two finger x-y scroll like on macOS. I can't wait to try it on X so I'm
gonna try get libinput working with X today.

> I've moved the udev-stubs.{c,h} out of the port into a separate library,
> but libudev-devd (https://github.com/wulf7/libudev-devd) certainly looks
> more mature!
​I couldn't get it working with your udev-stubs and I found libudev-devd
which seemed to be more mature. It works great so far!​

> All this can be used with the xf86-input-libinput driver to get smooth and
> horizontal scrolling in X, which is awesome!

​Where can I find xf86-input-libinput for FreeBSD? Will the original source

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