Wayland work status

Lundberg, Johannes johannes at brilliantservice.co.jp
Fri Aug 12 17:09:28 UTC 2016

> There is a similar problem for the drm devices (by default, users can’t
> use 3D acceleration).  A devfs.conf policy can change the permissions.  I’d
> suggest that we create a default group called something like console or
> local, put new users there by default, and make drm and evdev devices
> accessible by this group.
> David

​Actually in Linux wlc and I think also Weston recommend using setuid for
the compositor. It then forks and drops permission. All devices are opened
as superuser and then sent to the child process. This works fine for me
with tty and drm, however, libinput complains about devices not being
tagged as input device but they are opened successfully. I haven't looked
deeper into why...

As for X11, maybe this approach does not work and we need group permissions.

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