sysinstall as a post-install tool

Bruce Cran bruce at
Wed Jan 4 08:52:56 UTC 2012

On 04/01/2012 03:39, Craig Rodrigues wrote:
> Where is the code for this?  Would committing your sade additions now
> to a project branch in Subversion
> be appropriate?  That way folks could check it out from SVN, and
> provide comments and patches,
> and help push things along faster.
> When your code is complete, it could be merged to HEAD.

I didn't do the work, it was Andrey Elsukov (ae@) - the code's at .

> While I understand some of the concerns about removing sysinstall in HEAD,
> I think that sysinstall is so far behind the curve in usefulness, that I think
> that putting a bullet in its head now and forcing a mini-crisis to
> implement something better is not a bad idea,
> even though it may violate POLA.

I can see that people prefer bsdinstall so I'll stop trying to keep 
sysinstall going.

Bruce Cran

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