sysinstall as a post-install tool

Joel Dahl joel at
Wed Jan 4 08:29:44 UTC 2012

On 03-01-2012 18:33, Eitan Adler wrote:
> Hi,
> In the the recent sysinstall thread there seems to be general agreement that
> having a post-install configuration tool is a good thing. Until such a
> tool is written I think it would be a good idea to use sysinstall for
> this purpose.  I am willing to do the work to restore sysinstall and
> maintain it as a post-install tool until a new one is written.
> My plan would be to:
> - Restore sysinstall and libodialog

You should read the following post by Freddie Cash to current@, in case you
haven't seen it:

I agree with all his points.


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