sysinstall as a post-install tool

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Wed Jan 4 03:39:06 UTC 2012

On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 4:55 PM, Bruce Cran <bruce at> wrote:
> There's a rewrite almost ready to go that supports ZFS etc. at
> - I'm hoping to find some time to finish
> it off and import it.
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> Bruce Cran
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Where is the code for this?  Would committing your sade additions now
to a project branch in Subversion
be appropriate?  That way folks could check it out from SVN, and
provide comments and patches,
and help push things along faster.
When your code is complete, it could be merged to HEAD.

While I understand some of the concerns about removing sysinstall in HEAD,
I think that sysinstall is so far behind the curve in usefulness, that I think
that putting a bullet in its head now and forcing a mini-crisis to
implement something better is not a bad idea,
even though it may violate POLA.

Many thanks to Nathan for all his latest work on the installer.  The
state of sysinstall
today is worse than some of the installers I used in various Linux
distributions about 15 years ago,
and makes FreeBSD look silly for new users trying to set it up.

I think we can do better.

Craig Rodrigues
rodrigc at

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