if_iwi, boot firmware

Lothar Braun lothar at lobraun.de
Fri Aug 29 09:07:16 UTC 2008

Armin Pirkovitsch wrote:
> Since my update from 7.0 STABLE to 8.0 CURRENT yesterday my wifi device
> won't work any more. Loading the if_iwi and iwi_bss module works fine
> and iwi0 is found - however as soon as I start wpa_supplicant I receive
> the following error:
> iwi0: timeout waiting for (null) firmware initialization to complete
> iwi0: could not load boot firmware (null)
> The configuration as it is worked fine in 7.0 and I haven't found
> anythung in UPDATING which would indicate that I have to change something.

         The 802.11 wireless support was redone to enable multi-bss
         operation on devices that are capable.  The underlying device
         is no longer used directly but instead wlanX devices are
         cloned with ifconfig.  This requires changes to rc.conf files.
         For example, change:
                 ifconfig_ath0="WPA DHCP"
                 ifconfig_wlan0="WPA DHCP"
         see rc.conf(5) for more details.  In addition, mergemaster of
         /etc/rc.d is highly recommended.  Simultaneous update of userland
         and kernel wouldn't hurt either.

         As part of the multi-bss changes the wlan_scan_ap and wlan_scan_sta
         modules were merged into the base wlan module.  All references
         to these modules (e.g. in kernel config files) must be removed.


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