panic in 8-CURRENT / BGE hang

Cristi Magherusan cristi.magherusan at
Wed Nov 7 13:33:38 PST 2007

On Wed, 2007-11-07 at 16:17 -0500, Coleman Kane wrote:   
> I haven't gotten that far on the problem yet. Though I inspected the
> verbose booting output and saw that the point where it dies is during
> init of the bge driver.
> Which wifi card do you have? Right now this notebook has no network
> access whatsoever for me. I have tried a number of the Win64 drivers
> with ndisgen and none of them seem to work. All of the drivers that I
> can find seem to spit out some undefined function warnings on boot and
> then throw a trap 12 during ndis init.
Fortunatelly (I hope) I happen to have an Intel 3945ABG wifi card that
may work with the newly released wpi driver. I'll try it ASAP.

> I've got the BCM94321 a/b/g/n card in my laptop. (product id 0x4328). I
> can't get bcmwl564.sys to detect the card, because it doesn't register
> for the 4328 chips.
> > I bet someone who's a bit more skilled in this matter can handle it in
> > just a few hours. 
> >
> > Any volunteers?
> >   
> /me raises hand
Nice to hear that!


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