panic in 8-CURRENT / BGE hang

Coleman Kane cokane at
Wed Nov 7 13:32:07 PST 2007

Cristi Magherusan wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-11-07 at 10:30 -0500, Coleman Kane wrote:
>>>  Hello,
>>> I've tried again the latest version of if_bge.c on my HP 6710b
>>> laptop with no results, even after setting hw.bge.allow_asf="0".
>>> I've also tried with the debugger and it seems to panic when
>>> calling free() in device_probe_child.c (IIRC). Then I #define'd
>>> BUS_PROBE and the freeze occurs after displaying something like
>>> "devclass_alloc_unit: now: unit 0 in devclass bge".
>>> The 7 Beta 1.5 install CD hangs also when loading the driver.
>>> I have a coredump made from whithin the debugger with the exact
>>> place where the faulty free() occurs, so I can provide more exact
>>> info if someone is interested. I just hope this is not a
>>> heisen-bug.
>>> Best regards, Cristi
>> I have a 6715b that is experiencing the same exact problem. I made a
>> release from 8-CURRENT as of last night and I still see it. Just by
>> chance, I installed my normal kernel (for my other amd64 machine) onto
>> the ISO and re-burned and it worked (since I don't have if_bge on that
>> kernel). After selectively loading/unloading modules I tracked it down
>> to this.
>> Has any more traction been made on the BGE issue here?
>> - --
>> Coleman Kane
> Hello, 
> Did you run it step by step in the debugger and got the same results I
> did? I haven't tried any more debugging ever since, but we can join our
> forces and hopefully fix this damn issue so 7.0 won't have it on the
> release errata. 
I haven't gotten that far on the problem yet. Though I inspected the
verbose booting output and saw that the point where it dies is during
init of the bge driver.

Which wifi card do you have? Right now this notebook has no network
access whatsoever for me. I have tried a number of the Win64 drivers
with ndisgen and none of them seem to work. All of the drivers that I
can find seem to spit out some undefined function warnings on boot and
then throw a trap 12 during ndis init.

I've got the BCM94321 a/b/g/n card in my laptop. (product id 0x4328). I
can't get bcmwl564.sys to detect the card, because it doesn't register
for the 4328 chips.
> I bet someone who's a bit more skilled in this matter can handle it in
> just a few hours. 
> Any volunteers?
/me raises hand
> Best regards,
> Cristi
Coleman Kane

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