VIA VT8237R+ chipset [SOLVED]

alexandre.delay at alexandre.delay at
Wed May 30 13:27:43 UTC 2007

> The ICRC errors indicate data corruption on the way from the
> drive to the controller (i.e. bad cables or induction of noise).
> This is definitely a hardware problem that is only detected by
> the CRC unit in the IDE adapter.
> As a work-around reduce the data rate to UDMA33 (which worked
> with 40pin cables; but beware that the transfer could still be
> silently corrupted, since UDMA33 is not protected by ICRC and
> transmission errors could therefore remain undetected).

Your are a genious!
Thank you. I tried to change hdd and motherboard, but not the cable

> BTW: How about upgrading to 6.2 ;-)

Thinking about it as I got also USB problems


Thanks again


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