TCP Spurious RST, segment rejected

Brian Donnell bdonnell at
Tue Jun 26 13:25:35 UTC 2007

This error has come up before a couple weeks back, but my logs are getting
filled with:

+TCP: []:1726 to []:139 tcpflags 0x4<RST>;
Listen socket: Spurious RST, segment rejected

Where .103 is my FreeBSD-Current media storage server and .101 is my Windows
XP HTPC.  The last time this error was mentioned it was said it was a
problem with the TCP implementation in -Current or something similar.  I've
been rebuilding world and kernel about every other day.  Is this being
looked at in -Current's TCP or should I be looking at my HTPC as the cause
of this problem?  It's obvious it's triggered every time Windows searches
the network for shares but is it something I should just continue to ignore
for now?

-- Brian Donnell

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