Do we need this junk?

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Fri Apr 6 22:21:28 UTC 2007

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            "Nikolas Britton" <nikolas.britton at> writes:
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: > : Where is this coming from? I'm trying to debate some of the issues
: > : with FreeBSD and the only thing you've added to this thread is fuck
: > : off? Why?
: >
: > Because you have used language that is somewhat absolute and have not
: > done a market research on who actually uses FreeBSD.  You have also
: > shown a fundamental lack of understanding of how modern machines are
: > put together as well, since you think all things ISA are obsolete
: > (they are not).
: >
: > As others have noted, there's a very large and vibrant embedded
: > FreeBSD community.  This community makes real and meaningful
: > contributions to FreeBSD.  Over the years, I've made thousands of
: > commits to the tree, funded in large part by the embedded companies
: > that I have worked for, including CardBus, PC Card, SD/MMC,
: > infrasturcutre changes, etc.
: >
: > Frankly, we'd rather tell a new, upstart to get bent than to tell
: > actual users and supports of FreeBSD to get bent by removing the
: > offending items from the tree.  It really is a no-brainer.
: >
: New upstart? I have not been using FreeBSD for as long as you but I'm
: definitely not new here, I've been using and hacking on FreeBSD for
: over 5 years now and my professional experience with almost every
: operating system under the sun goes back much much farther. If the
: project leadership doesn't give a shit about the users then I guess I
: don't give a shit about project. Good bye. I'm sure Sun would mind new
: users.

You are twisting my argument.  It is because the project does care
about its users that it can't do what you suggest  Please do not
confuse my disagreeing with your viewpoint with not caring about
users.  If I have a better understanding of the user community it is
because I've been talking to them for the past 10 years to find out
what they are doing with FreeBSD, what platforms they are on today,
where they are moving to etc.  FreeBSD has many competitive advantages
over the other guys, and the suggestions you make wouldn't allow our
users to leverage them on hardware they desire to do so.

If you can show a measurable difference with the changes you suggest,
then please do so.  I know that removing pc98 from the tree completely
will have 0 effect on performance of i386 or amd64.

Anyway, please have a nice day.


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