The BladeCenter Saga -> bge driver not behaving properly...

Jack Vogel jfvogel at
Thu Jan 5 11:17:12 PST 2006

On 1/5/06, Andrea Brancatelli <andrea at> wrote:
> Sorry for breaking the thread and posting a new message instead of replying
> but I'm having some problems with my mailserver.
> I did a few screenshots of the problems we are having with the Broadcom lan
> card and the bge driver... I cannot paste text because I cannot access the
> machine in SSH (since it's not working...)
> So here they are:
> dmesg output:
> ifconfig output:
> strange arp behaviours:
> I hope this enlighten a bit someone.
> The hardware is working properly (I have no doubt about this) and the lan
> settings are ok.
> Another strange thing is that as soon as FreeBSD starts the (usually always
> blinking due to net traffic) lan's LED goes always-on and stays steady on
> forever (as if there was no traffic at all).
> We have no idea of what's happening. Seems like all the traffic is going
> lost somewhere.
> FreeBSD is just installed so there is nothing like pf, software firewalling,
> or such.

There is an internal switch to the Bladecenter chassis, its a module
on the back (you dont get to just plug right into a NIC as on a normal
PC :).  The behavior of that switch is controlled by the management
module if I am not mistaken, are you sure its configured sanely?

Also, have you tried IBM support? I know they normally sell Linux
for these, but maybe they'd offer some ideas??


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