The BladeCenter Saga -> bge driver not behaving properly...

Andrea Brancatelli andrea at
Thu Jan 5 10:02:59 PST 2006

Sorry for breaking the thread and posting a new message instead of replying
but I'm having some problems with my mailserver.

I did a few screenshots of the problems we are having with the Broadcom lan
card and the bge driver... I cannot paste text because I cannot access the
machine in SSH (since it's not working...)

So here they are:

dmesg output:

ifconfig output:

strange arp behaviours:

I hope this enlighten a bit someone.

The hardware is working properly (I have no doubt about this) and the lan
settings are ok.

Another strange thing is that as soon as FreeBSD starts the (usually always
blinking due to net traffic) lan's LED goes always-on and stays steady on
forever (as if there was no traffic at all).

We have no idea of what's happening. Seems like all the traffic is going
lost somewhere.

FreeBSD is just installed so there is nothing like pf, software firewalling,
or such.

Andrea Brancatelli
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