The BladeCenter Saga -> bge driver not behaving properly...

Doug White dwhite at
Thu Jan 5 15:03:34 PST 2006

On Thu, 5 Jan 2006, Andrea Brancatelli wrote:

> Sorry for breaking the thread and posting a new message instead of replying
> but I'm having some problems with my mailserver.
> I did a few screenshots of the problems we are having with the Broadcom lan
> card and the bge driver... I cannot paste text because I cannot access the
> machine in SSH (since it's not working...)

You need to compile your kernel with


This option is available on RELENG_5 after 5.4 only .. 5.4-RELEASE itself
should work due to my attempts to sabotage other blade vendors' products.
Our driver does not handle autonegotation for the blades correctly. Its a
quirk of their implementation (not uncommon, don't forget we're talking
about IBM here). Also note that dhclient in 6.x will not work correctly
since the link status it not updated until the interface is up'd. If you
want to use DHCP create /etc/start_if.bge0 with:

ifconfig bge0 up
dhclient bge0

in it and that should get dhclient working properly.

Also, if you haven't used these blades much, the external switch ports
default to disabled, so you may need to go into the MM and enable the
external ports on the ethernet switch i/o modules.

You might find the kernel config at useful. Thats the config I use for
the Intel blades. I can make a device.hints available too if that would be
useful for you.

You will also find that the blades will not reboot correctly. You will
have to reset them from the MM after halting them from FreeBSD.

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