Problems with Acer Travelmate & PC-Card interface

M. Warner Losh imp at
Wed Sep 28 20:41:54 PDT 2005

In message: <CE3682EF98A64140B2BF376C39461E0A02F7EB at>
            "Rehsack Jens \(ext\)" <jens.rehsack.ext at> writes:
: Ok - to the question. I've tried to get my W-Lan card running (ath(4)
: driver and ran successful in my old notebook), but it wont be
: recognized.

Usually you just include 'cbb', 'pccard', 'cardbus' and 'ath' in the
kernel (and a few others for ath), and it works.

: Throwing a look into /etc/rc.d/pccard shows me, if no /dev/card0 is
: available, the pccardd and pccardc wont be started. And really - there
: is no /dev/card0.

That's good.  There's no pccardd anymore.

You'll need to turn on pccard debugging.  The bridge in your laptop is
known to the driver (which surprises me!), but looks like it might be
TI6411-class (which should be in the tables, I'll double check).


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