Problems with Acer Travelmate & PC-Card interface

Rehsack Jens (ext) jens.rehsack.ext at
Wed Sep 28 05:50:36 PDT 2005

Hi Warner, Jon & folks,

I've bought a new notebook with the AMD Turion 64 processor and
want to help get FreeBSD6-amd64 run fine there. Of course, I know,
if I would use the FreeBSD-i386 I would run in much less problems.

But maybe going the hard way could help anyone, not just me ...

Ok - to the question. I've tried to get my W-Lan card running (ath(4)
driver and ran successful in my old notebook), but it wont be

Throwing a look into /etc/rc.d/pccard shows me, if no /dev/card0 is
available, the pccardd and pccardc wont be started. And really - there
is no /dev/card0.

I attach the full dmesg.boot in the hope, you can see anything what
help me to get deeper in the matter, or much better - you see the
and fix it ;)

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Jens Rehsack
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