Cardbus probe failure

Derek Tattersall dlt at
Wed Sep 28 06:15:13 PDT 2005

I have an IBM G40 laptop, with a Linksys WPC54G (Broadcom 4306)
wireless card, using project evil for the driver.  With or without the
converted driver loaded, as soon as the card is inserted we go into
the kernel debugger.  The IC at failure reads 0xdeadc0fe and it says
stopped at rman_get_start+0x8.

This same card in the same laptop with the same driver is probed
properly in 6.0-BETA5.

I have noticed some other posts to this group regarding problems with
the card bus probing code particularly involving the rman_set_start
routine.  Is this related?

I have no experience in kernel debugging, so could someone please
suggest some things to do once I am in the debugger?

Derek Tattersall                             dlt at

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