serial ttys broken?

othermark atkin901 at
Fri Sep 23 07:57:26 PDT 2005

Ian Dowse wrote:
> In message <dgp681$o48$1 at>, othermark writes:
>>I probably should have piped up on -current, but yes, serial console is
>>'different' after the recent changes went into the boot loader.
>>-P  in /boot.config and the following in /etc/make.conf
>>used to be enough for my boxes to work, but now (of course, only after a
>>installworld for the bootloader) the following in /boot/loader.conf
>>seems to be required for serial console to work.
> Does reinstalling boot2 help (e.g. disklabel -B ad0s1)? Previously
> both boot2 and loader would independently pick up the
> BOOT_COMCONSOLE_SPEED setting and apply it, but after the recent changes
> the loader will use the setting from boot2 if a serial console has been
> selected (-h or -P).

Yes!  That works!   I had even tried re-doing boot0cfg before, but that,
obviously isn't the answer.

> What wasn't working without the above loader.conf lines BTW? Was
> it just the speed that was wrong, or did the kernel not use a
> serial console at all?

no output whatsoever, it would appear to go the video console if you hooked
up the cables.  This was the case with all my hardware.

The first reboot would be fine into single user for make installworld, but
after installworld, rebooting resulted in the loss of the console..  That
is until I added the /boot/loader.conf entries.
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