FreeBSD6.0 and VMWare 5.0.. No go

Daniel Dvorak dandee at
Sat Sep 3 07:15:42 PDT 2005

Okay I am interested in. 

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Daniel Dvorak wrote:
>  Yes, I confirm this. :(
> I tried to install 32bit and 64bit version and both stoped with this
> It hapens when installation proccess copy files  to disk, usually.
> Dan

If anyone is interested, I have a FreeBSD 6 snapshot ISO with a custom
kernel that has PREEMPTION, SMP, and apic removed.  I've been trying to get
it to work on VirtualPC, but I'm running into other problems with it now
(mainly that VPC doesn't seem to expose the CDROM in a way that FreeBSD can
find it).  If anyone is interested in testing it with VMWare, let me know
and I'll make it available.  It's a normal disc1 install ISO, based on

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