FreeBSD6.0 and VMWare 5.0.. No go

Jase Thew bazerka at
Sun Sep 4 13:03:31 PDT 2005

Scott Long wrote:

> If anyone is interested, I have a FreeBSD 6 snapshot ISO with a custom
> kernel that has PREEMPTION, SMP, and apic removed.  I've been trying to
> get it to work on VirtualPC, but I'm running into other problems with it
> now (mainly that VPC doesn't seem to expose the CDROM in a way that 
> FreeBSD can find it).  If anyone is interested in testing it with
> VMWare, let me know and I'll make it available.  It's a normal disc1
> install ISO, based on 6-BETA3.
> Scott

Hi Scott,

I'd be interested in testing this snapshot under VMWare 5, should you 
make it available.



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