Beta2: Nice job!

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Mon Aug 22 15:02:50 GMT 2005

Andrew Gallatin <gallatin at> wrote:

> > Ah, so the deal is that you actually don't like the antialiasing
> > smoothness we all love. Hmm.
> Maybe it is something wrong with my eyes?

Maybe you have better eyes than other people?
Or you use the default anti-aliasing instead of subpixel anti-aliasing.

> The odd thing is that when I hook my powerbook to my 1600x1200 lcd,
> somehow MacOSX makes fonts look decent.  They are still blurry,
> but not nearly so bad.

So this isn't about ordinary analog VGA connection vs. digital DVI connection
(I assume you use the same connector). But do you use the same fonts?


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