-BETA2 and Thunder K8WE

Michael Sinatra michael at rancid.berkeley.edu
Fri Aug 19 19:18:48 GMT 2005

Michael Sinatra wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Aug 2005, Damian Gerow wrote:
>> I just tried booting 6.0-BETA2 on a Tyan Thunder K8WE, to no success.
>> Even with the on-board SCSI disabled, the system hangs after probing 
>> mpt0:
>> it does the SCSI device settle delay[1], picks up the SATA drives, then
>> hangs.  Under a 'boot -v', I get a whole bunch of cruft about detecting
>> devices on mpt0.  The system fully freezes after it's done, though, so I
>> can't really pull much data from the dmesg.
>> I've tried booting with and without SCSI enabled, to the same effect.  I
>> haven't yet tried booting without ACPI, as the last time I tried that, 
>> the
>> system didn't pick up any drives at all.
> I have had the same problem; however, it does not hang when I disable 
> the onboard MPT scsi in the BIOS.  I have another Thunder K8WE that 
> works pretty well, but I had to do all sorts of disablings and tweakings 
> in the BIOS to get it to boot with SCSI still enabled.  I'll have to 
> check, but I also think that is running an earlier version of the BIOS.  
> I haven't found any way to get the current (1.01) version of the BIOS to 
> boot without disabling SCSI.  Unfortunately, this particular box comes 
> with a nice SCSI disk array.
> You might try enabling bus master on the SCSI and disabling the onboard 
> nvidia ethernets (looks like the nve(4) driver is still a bit buggy 
> anyway.  The intel pro 1000 pci-x card works great using the em(4) 
> driver, and a dual-opteron machine running 6-STABLE pushes line rate gig 
> over short delay distances; haven't tested yet over larger 
> bandwidth*delay product links.  Using the intel instead of the onboard 
> nvidia and enabling bus master on the SCSI allowed me to boot _one_ of 
> the machines and I have 6-STABLE running on it.  I haven't quite done 
> enough research to figure out why, but I will try looking into it later 
> today.

Okay, after considerable fiddling in the BIOS, I was able to narrow down 
a minimal number of tweaks that have to be done to get -BETA2 to boot 
with SCSI.  Go into the BIOS menu and:

o Disable the SLAVE MAC (NIC) from the Advanced->Integrated 
Devices->Slave Devices menu

o Disable IEEE 1394 from the Advanced->PCI Configuration->Integrated 
1394 menu

Doing that allowed me to boot, detect the drives and install the system. 
  Once that's done, the system seems to work pretty well, assuming you 
don't rely too heavily on the nve0 interface.

It sounds like your configuration is a bit different as you have SATA 
drives and I only have SCSI.  Don't know if these tips will help or not.

If anyone wants a dmesg on a boot -v from this (working) system, let me 


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