-BETA2 and Thunder K8WE

Damian Gerow dgerow at afflictions.org
Sat Aug 20 03:25:21 GMT 2005

Thus spake Michael Sinatra (michael at rancid.berkeley.edu) [19/08/05 15:30]:
: Doing that allowed me to boot, detect the drives and install the system. 
:  Once that's done, the system seems to work pretty well, assuming you 
: don't rely too heavily on the nve0 interface.
: It sounds like your configuration is a bit different as you have SATA 
: drives and I only have SCSI.  Don't know if these tips will help or not.

Thanks for tracking that down: I don't use the SCSI, but I *am* using an
older (1.0) version of the BIOS.  Sounds like updating will help me out.

  - Damian

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