dhclient problems

Beecher Rintoul akbeech at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 06:39:31 GMT 2005

On Thursday 11 August 2005 05:05 pm, you wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 05:02:15PM -0800, Beecher Rintoul wrote:
> > I'm having problems with the new dhclient not returning the gateway on
> > my wireless card. I reinstalled isc-dhclient and the probs went away.
> > My question is there a knob such as "NO_DHCLIENT" I can put in
> > make.conf?
> No.  Care to help improve freebsd by providing some debugging info?
> You're server is presumably doing something dhclient isn't expecing
> which is causing it to reject the gateway.  If we could find out what it
> is we could fix it.
> -- Brooks

As much as i would like to... it's a new machine for a client in a VERY 
micro$oft oriented business. He likes FreeBSD with the KDE suite and replaced 
his desktop out of his own pocket. The box is a MSI 8-T with a 2800+ Athlon. 
I needed to install ndis for a D-Link AG-350, so I had 7.0 on the box. The 
box would hang on boot at dhclient, then return for the router addy. 
(the IP and DNS were correct). Killing and restarting dhclient would finally 
get the proper gateway. I tried the box at home and it worked, but would hang 
about 30 seconds on boot at dhclient. After going back to isc-dhcp, I just 
reinstalled  5-STABLE (stock) and all the problems went away. I'm not sure if 
the problem was dhclient or ndis related, but I don't have a supported card, 
or easy access to the machine to troubleshoot any further. BTW, the ndis 
driver works very well with that card running 5.4. I have the same card at 
home running -CURRENT on an old HP, and have had no dhclient problems.

Thanks for your response,


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