de0 driver bug

John Baldwin jhb at
Thu Sep 16 18:53:37 PDT 2004

On Monday 13 September 2004 07:28 pm, Andrew Wiles wrote:
> There seems to be an issue with de0 driver in 5.3-BETA4
> The problem seems to be the driver doesn't allow traffic, or minimal
> traffic at best unless it is set in promiscious mode.
> Initially I thought it may have been a problem with my firewall ruleset
> but as they hadn't changed since I upgraded from 5.2.1-p9 I doubted it.
> To test if my firewall was blocking the traffic i used tcpdump which
> instantly brought the interface and traffic to life, upon terminating
> tcpdump all traffic ceased.
> putting the interface into promisious mode using ifconfig de0 promisc
> instantly resumed the flow of traffic.
> If any more information is needed about my configuration or any further
> details are required I can provide them on request.

The de0 in my Alpha seems to perform very poorly unless I turn mpsafenet off.  
Are you seeing similar behavior?

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