ATA DVD playback hanging in physrd

Søren Schmidt sos at
Wed Sep 1 13:39:42 PDT 2004

Kevin Oberman wrote:
> Nate,
> By the way, as of the moment, almost everything on my T30 for S3
> suspend/resume is working correctly. I can suspend and resume repeatedly
> with no problem except for the failure of the ICH3/AD1881A sound device
> to properly re-initialize. It worked for about a week when Warner first
> put in the PCI power stuff, but it never worked again after he backed
> out the initial attempt and re-committed stuff bit by bit over time.
> I assume that this is really a PCI issue and not really ACPI. I'll
> remind Warner of the problem some day after 5.3 is released and the
> ensuing confusion fades.
> Still, this is a major improvement as the system is generally usable
> after a suspend. Just no listen-able music. :-(
> Thanks for all of the efforts on making ACPI work on the morass of
> buggy, uncomplete, and just plain obstinate implementations out there.

On that note ACPI still locks hard both my laptops (ASUS/Acer) on 
resume, with and upto date -current its back to not even switching on 
the backlight, so I have no way to tell what happens. On the ASUS that 
has a serial port even that is totally dead.

However, commenting out the resume code in acpi_cmbat.c make it get so 
far as to give me a prompt in singleuser mode, but just a simple ls 
makes in crash with a double fault in the image activation of the ls 
command, it looks like the vm system is way out to lunch somehow.


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