Installing 5.3-BETA7 without PS/2 keyboard

Rajappa Iyer rsi at
Thu Oct 7 21:56:33 PDT 2004

>> Still attaches kbd0 to atkbd0.  The funny thing is that it detects
>> the ukbd0 before atkbd0 and still assigns kbd1 to ukbd0.  Is there
>> any way to force it to attach kbd0 to the first keyboard detected?
> Hmm, the above should prevent the system assuming you have a PS/2
> keyboard, so you won't have more than one.

Yeah, strange.

> If you are able to you could run "kbdcontrol -k /dev/kbd1" during startup
> (eg
> add something to /usr/local/etc/rc.d) as a crappy work around.

Sure could, except that I can't access the shell or anything since the
keyboard doesn't work. :-(

Looks like at this point, I'm SOL.

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