Noticable Delays Since Beta 3

Scott Long scottl at
Thu Oct 7 10:32:18 PDT 2004

Doug White wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Oct 2004, Benjamin Close wrote:
>>    I've been using each Beta Release as they come out and ever since
>>Beta 3 I've noticed delays where there never used to be any.
>>I believe this may be somehow related to ULE->BSD scheduler change. A
>>classic situation of where they now exist is when I switch virtual
>>desktops back to another xterm. It takes 4-5 seconds before I can type.
>>The machine is virtually 100% idle. Before beta3 this was not a problem
>>with almost an instant response.
> Can you provide a reproduction case? I don't notice any sort of delay when
> switching between text vtys, or changing keyboard focus in X. I've been
> using 4BSD the entire time.
> Are you switching between X and text vty's? There's always been a delay
> there, worse on my amd64 box than i386, but I don't do that regularly;
> much easier to just pop another xterm :)

I actually get this often in WindowMaker when I'm switching to a desktop
that contains mozilla.  It takes about 5-10 seconds for mozilla to
redraw itself and start accepting input.  I haven't had time to figure
out the source, I just assumed for now that it was because the mozilla
process started swapping to disk, and swapping it back in was thrashing


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