SiS 962/963 support?

Rick Morris rmorris at
Mon Oct 4 20:40:35 PDT 2004

None of the betas for 5.3 will boot on my systems with the SiS 962 IDE
controllers. I notice that they are not listed in the Handbook under 
hardware. Can anyone tell me whether there are plans to support this
chipset, and if so, what the status is? I've found various posts in 
-bugs and other lists mentioning this chipset in the past, but there 
seems to be no discussion of this for 5.x. All of our deployed units 
with 5.2.1 boot fine with this chipset, but 5.3 freezes on the ado: and 
acdo: messages in boot. Even CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't work, requiring a 
manual shutdown.

If anyone has worked on this problem, my company would be very 
interested in talking with you.


Rick Morris
Application Developer
MOS Imaging Systems
rmorris at
305-779-1247 Direct Line

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