Odd Poewr Saving problems?

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Mon Oct 4 18:26:02 PDT 2004

Adam Smith wrote:
> I have a strange issue with power saving and FreeBSD
> 5.3.  I've been experiencing it through BETA4-6.
> I am running X with KDE3.3, and every now and then
> FreeBSD presents me with
> a black screen (as if it has detected that it is now
> time to suspend display).
> Each time it is fixed by just pressing a button or
> moving my mouse, as per
> a normal power saving function.
> Is there any other information I can provide that
> might shed some light to the problem?

I have something that seems to be same on my
4.10-Stable with XFree86 4.4 , but it only happens
with xmgrace (graphics application) and nedit
(ascii text editor); these two applications have
in common that they both use OpenMotif.
Closing the application and restarting it, solves
the problem.

I blamed OpenMotif for doing funny things with
my Xserver, but I have never got any clue how
to investigate the problem, since it seems to
occur ad random.

Oh, I'm not using KDE, but have Xfce instead.


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