Odd Poewr Saving problems?

Jon Noack noackjr at alumni.rice.edu
Mon Oct 4 19:58:49 PDT 2004

On 10/04/04 19:03, Brian Fundakowski Feldman wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 05, 2004 at 09:18:19AM +0930, Adam Smith wrote:
>> I have a strange issue with power saving and FreeBSD 5.3. I've been 
>> experiencing it through BETA4-6.
>> I am running X with KDE3.3, and every now and then FreeBSD presents 
>> me with a black screen (as if it has detected that it is now time 
>> to suspend display).
>> Each time it is fixed by just pressing a button or moving my mouse, 
>> as per a normal power saving function.
>> Is there any other information I can provide that might shed some 
>> light to the problem?
> I see the same thing running a KDE3.3 desktop and Xorg. It only 
> happens a few times, though, soon after I first enter X. If anyone 
> knows how to enable any kind of logging for DPMS requests to see if 
> it's an X app causing it, or to log the DPMS timers to see if it's an 
> X server bug, I'll try them.

I've seen this as well, but only *before* I log into KDE.  If I boot the 
machine into X and leave it at the kdm login window, it will black the 
screen after a while (no idea how long as I usually login promptly). 
Once in KDE my screensaver kicks off after 10 minutes of idleness as it 
should; there is no black screen.


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