USB hub issue adendum.

M. Warner Losh imp at
Mon Oct 4 10:53:50 PDT 2004

In message: <16737.32607.772875.17590 at>
            David Gilbert <dgilbert at> writes:
: >>>>> "M" == M Warner Losh <imp at> writes:
: M> In message: <16733.37521.568515.842497 at> David Gilbert
: M> <dgilbert at> writes: : I've had the USB hub issue bite be on
: M> and off for awhile now.  It : appears to be completely random
: M> corruption because moving from BETA3 : to BETA6 fixed it (for now)
: M> for me.
: M> Does BETA7 fix the problems for you?
: I cvsup'd a day after reading this message and rebuilt the world and
: kernel.  The uname -a still says BETA6.
: However, the BETA6 before this recent cvsup and afterwards both don't
: exhibit the crash where the BETA3 I was running did.  In particular,
: My mouse basestation (I have the mx900) is a usb hub with a "mouse"
: attachment and sometimes a "bluetooth" attachment (currently turned
: off).  During boot, the whole hub is detached and under BETA3, the
: machine would hang.  It would also hang if I unplugged the mouse
: (detaching the hub).
: BETA6 is not exhibiting this behaviour.  I don't know when I can cvsup
: BETA7 for you.

Sicne it isn't the same crash, I think I need more information about
what it is you are seeing.  Let's start there.  What is the random
corruptuion that you were seeing?


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