USB hub issue adendum.

David Gilbert dgilbert at
Mon Oct 4 12:56:39 PDT 2004

>>>>> "M" == M Warner Losh <imp at> writes:

M> Sicne it isn't the same crash, I think I need more information
M> about what it is you are seeing.  Let's start there.  What is the
M> random corruptuion that you were seeing?

I believe I posted it back a week or two ago to the list.  Here's the
previous email:

Now... this may be a tough bug as it has appeared and disappeared with
cvsups dating back well into the summer.  The exact form of the crash
can be different --- which leads me to think that it's some form of
random corruption.

At one point, the crash only happened with a certain sequence of
events, then another cvsup and it would happen for this hub
disconnecting, but not my 4 port, then another cvsup and no crashes,
then another cvsup and the 4 port would cause a crash, etc.

So far, the crashes have been hard and have not allowed a dump to
occur.  Since the machine's almost always in X, DDB hasn't been
helpful, either.


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