Q's about IBM TSM (was Re: HEADSUP: ibcs2 and svr4 compat headedfor history)

Lukas Ertl le at FreeBSD.org
Tue Jun 29 02:31:12 PDT 2004

On Mon, 28 Jun 2004, Paul Seniura wrote:

> I google'd and didn't like what I saw.  Stuff about
> nullfs not being too kosher on -Current.  :(

Maybe.  Didn't have any problems, though.

> If I may ask, which version of the TSM client
> are you using?

Version 5, Release 1, Level 0.0.

> And I suppose the server-side version, too?
> That might make a big difference here.

Server Version 5, Release 1, Level 6.1


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