Q's about IBM TSM (was Re: HEADSUP: ibcs2 and svr4 compat headedfor history)

Paul Seniura pdseniura at techie.com
Mon Jun 28 14:59:13 PDT 2004

Hi Lukas,

This is gettin' more OT...

> On Mon, 28 Jun 2004, Paul Seniura wrote:
> >> The linux client trips over the whole filesystem overlay thing badly and
> >> I'm not sure disabling that to run just the TSM client is a good idea.
> >> (Plus I hate the idea of maintaining custom kernel patches.)
> >
> > I've had no luck, likewise, with the Linux TSM client.
> > I had never considered another compatible client until
> > seeing your msg just now.
> I'm using the Linux client with the nullfs hack.  Works rather well.
> At least the Linux client isn't as awful as the ancient SCO client.

I google'd and didn't like what I saw.  Stuff about
nullfs not being too kosher on -Current.  :(

If I may ask, which version of the TSM client
are you using?
And I suppose the server-side version, too?
That might make a big difference here.

> > IBM says they need more "user base" to even consider a BSD
> > flavor... go figure...
> OK, go out and annoy your IBM sales droid.  I did.  No luck so far, but if
> they ask for user base, give them some figures. :-)

Yep dun did that & have the burns to prove it.  ;) 
We'll keep trying, tho...

My krak about "go figure" was a slam on the number of
OSX users that would need TSM while IBM supports _it_. 
I guess IBM wants the G5 to actually succeed by
mustering them into "The Enterprise".  Imagine that! 
But TPTB here will *not* go for G5s, but that ain't
stoppin' me trying to convince them...  I can already
show them tons of $$ savings per workstation for our
power users... ;)

FWIW I'd rather advocate for a 'free' backup system. 
We're having to wait for the SCO-IBM lawsuit, before
TPTB here will even consider testing Linux/390.  And
yeah I know the state of Freebsd/390 is rather dismal,
having trouble writing drivers for IBM's big-irons etc.
You'd need to test with a standalone 390 and their
engineers on call when it crashes.  ;)

I successfully cloned OS/2 systems with nothing more
than Info-Zip and boot diskettes, storing the 'image'
in RECFM=U datasets on the mainframe, with enough
network on the boot dskts to fetch it.  The clone was
absolutely complete with extended attributes & icons
etc. all intact and even booted correctly.  This is
more a tribute to how well Info-Zip supports the
various platforms.  Probably will do my own backups
on this FreeBSD box the same way.  End-users, tho,
will be a different matter -- they won't know what
to do without a GUI.  <ouch!>  ;)  Any of this would
be possible nowadays with custom bootable CDs.

I wonder what it would entail with your nullfs hack
and having to _restore_ a user's system from TSM?

> cheers,
> le

  --  thx, Paul Seniura.

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