Project Evil & ACX100-based cards (D-Link DWL-520+)

Jeremie Le Hen jeremie.le-hen at
Wed Jun 16 16:31:37 GMT 2004

I would like to take advantage of Bill Paul's mail to tell people that
Darron Broad, which is developping the acx(4) driver [1], keeps up
debugging to make ACX111 (which is used in D-Link DWL-520+) work.

For a long time, there has been a few lines of code in if_acx.c which
prevent the driver from loading on ACX111 chipsets, with the following
CVS log message:
<< detect unsupported device, will dump ram to look at it >>

It seems that Darron removed this check in revision 1.159 a few days ago
and he is apparently actively working on it, given the frequency of
commits last weeks.  I tried the driver, and the card is now recognized,
but I didn't succeded in making it work for now.  But I think it's on
the right way.

Unfortunately, at time of writing this mail, there are no recent snapshot
available, and the only way to access CVS is CVSweb.  You can imagine how
boring it is to get all files up to date :-).  So Darron, if you hear me,
could you create a new snapshot or, better, make a cron job to create a
daily snapshot ?  Thus users would be able to test the driver and
eventually report some useful things.  A little quote on the current
status would also be welcome. 

Thanks a lot for your work.


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