Project Evil & ACX100-based cards (D-Link DWL-520+)

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Ive actually been talking to Daron about the D-Link G520+ recently.
I may have acidentally reignited his interest in the ACX111 chipsets -
whoops :-)

Ive also forwarded him your post to freebsd-current.

As I understand it he is current working on the ACX111 and bringing in some
recent updates from the linux acx100/111 project.
I am hoping to be able to help him with the work on the ACX111 chipsets
soon, although I have a steep learning curve as I am but a poor Win32 C/C++



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> I would like to take advantage of Bill Paul's mail to tell people that
> Darron Broad, which is developping the acx(4) driver [1], keeps up
> debugging to make ACX111 (which is used in D-Link DWL-520+) work.
> For a long time, there has been a few lines of code in if_acx.c which
> prevent the driver from loading on ACX111 chipsets, with the following
> CVS log message:
> << detect unsupported device, will dump ram to look at it >>
> It seems that Darron removed this check in revision 1.159 a few days ago
> and he is apparently actively working on it, given the frequency of
> commits last weeks.  I tried the driver, and the card is now recognized,
> but I didn't succeded in making it work for now.  But I think it's on
> the right way.
> Unfortunately, at time of writing this mail, there are no recent snapshot
> available, and the only way to access CVS is CVSweb.  You can imagine how
> boring it is to get all files up to date :-).  So Darron, if you hear me,
> could you create a new snapshot or, better, make a cron job to create a
> daily snapshot ?  Thus users would be able to test the driver and
> eventually report some useful things.  A little quote on the current
> status would also be welcome.
> Thanks a lot for your work.
> Regards,
> [1]
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