Project Evil & ACX100-based cards (D-Link DWL-520+)

Bill Paul wpaul at FreeBSD.ORG
Wed Jun 16 16:00:19 GMT 2004

> Hi Bill,
> I'm trying to make my D-Link DWL-520+ card working with if_ndis, but no 
> luck yet. The card is correctly detected, driver attaches to it. If I 
> configure it in the adhoc mode it is seen from the nearby machine and 
> connected to, but traffic doesn't flow. :-(
> Any ideas? Please let me know if more information is necessary.
> Regards,
> Maxim

Alright, I received a sample 520+ card and played with it a little.
I was able to get the card to talk to my RealTek 8180 NIC in my laptop
in ad-hoc mode with very little trouble. I am therefor forced to conclude
that you did not describe your problem with enough detail for me to
understand what's going on. Let's examine the things you did not do:

- did not provide a transcript of commands/responses used to initialize
  _both_ cards
- did not explain which NIC was initialized first (the first NIC is
  always the master in an ad-hoc cell)
- did not explain exactly what steps were taken to reach the conclusion
  that "traffic doesn't flow." (Ping? FTP? Slamming machines together
  at high speed?)
- did not explain how it was determined that the card was "seen from
  the nearby machine"
- did not provide _FULL_ dmesg output from both machines (no, it's not
  enough to tell me "the card is correctly detected")
- did not tell me what make/model card was in the other machine and
  what driver it uses
- did not tell me what version of FreeBSD is running on the "nearby
- did not run wicontrol -i ndis0 -l on the first machine to scan for
  APs/ad-hoc nets

I keep telling people to provide LOTS OF DETAILS when they report
problems, but nobody ever seems to listen. Don't wait for me to drag
information out of you: if you don't provide me with LOTS OF DETAILS
up front, I won't know what to ask you.


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