RFC: Weekly status update 17/01/04-23/01/04 (cvs-src summary)

Simon L. Nielsen simon at FreeBSD.org
Sat Jan 24 04:37:22 PST 2004

On 2004.01.24 01:08:46 -0600, Mark Johnston wrote:

> If you have a minute, please read through this message and give me a
> sense of what you think.  In particular, please think about:
> - Subject matter - too narrow? too broad? should I cover the -current
>   list instead of cvs-src, or try to combine both into one report?

While it would be nice to cover -current also, I think just cvs-src is
fine.  -current gets a very large amount of emails, so if -current is
included in the summarary I think there is the risk that the report puts
too large a workload on the author.

> - Prose - too technical? not technical enough? too flowery? too plain?

I think it was fine, it covered the important points without going into
uneeded details.

> - Commits covered - Did I miss anything I should have included, or
>   include things I should have skipped?

I read the source commit mails, and I can't remember any important
subjects which has been missed.

> - Impartial?  I've tried not to attribute consensus and opinions where
>   they weren't very clear; have I succeeded?

I think that was very successful.  Especially the 'Filenames and line
numbers added to panic output' debate got a bit heated, and I think you
described it very impartial (and only the important points).

> - Interest - would you be interested in seeing something like this
>   produced weekly?


Nice work! (especially doing it and not just talking about doing it :-) ).

Simon L. Nielsen
FreeBSD Documentation Team
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