RFC: Weekly status update 17/01/04-23/01/04 (cvs-src summary)

eculp at viviendaatualcance.com.mx eculp at viviendaatualcance.com.mx
Sat Jan 24 03:22:25 PST 2004

Quoting Mark Johnston <mjohnston at skyweb.ca>:


I have a very short attention span especially for reports that rehash
information that I may have read through on the lists but I don't remember even
taking a a sip of coffee while reading.  I think is was both the style and the
brevity that kept my attention.

> - Subject matter - too narrow? too broad? should I cover the -current
>  list instead of cvs-src, or try to combine both into one report?

This may vary depending on the amount of activity.  For me, the length of this
report was very nice.  Although, with your writing ability I would probably
read a longer one with more, equally brief, important topics.
> - Prose - too technical? not technical enough? too flowery? too plain?

The question here is probably, who is the market.  I think this covers a very
broad group that is seldom covered in a project like freebsd in general and in
FreeBSD Current almost never.  I think it is especially good for folks who are
looking at current and preparing for the future.
> - Commits covered - Did I miss anything I should have included, or
>  include things I should have skipped?
> - Impartial?  I've tried not to attribute consensus and opinions where
>  they weren't very clear; have I succeeded?
> - Interest - would you be interested in seeing something like this
>  produced weekly?

I certainly would.
> If you don't have time for those, just a sentence or two of couragement,
> whether en- or dis-, would really help.  If I don't get any answers, I'll
> assume that nobody's interested in this sort of report, so do respond if
> you are.

<Lame attempt at humor and encouragement>
  With a few photos, this would be the "HOLA" of the FreeBSD world.
</Lame attempt at humor and encouragement>

Thanks for taking the time to research, synthesize and present this in very
readable and enjoyable form.

> Thanks,
> Mark

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