RFC: Weekly status update 17/01/04-23/01/04 (cvs-src summary)

Josef El-Rayes josef at FreeBSD.org
Sat Jan 24 06:45:42 PST 2004

Mark Johnston <mjohnston at skyweb.ca> wrote:
> If you have a minute, please read through this message and give me a
> sense of what you think.
i have to admit that it was a nice reading although i raised doubts that
such a report makes sense on the mailinglist threads before. you have convinced
me now that this is a nice thing :)

i think it would be a useful addition to provide links to commit-mails/messages
or mailinglist-threads you are writing about, so if there is something where
i would like to get further details, i can do this by following a link.

nice work,
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