Audio lag in 5.2 (Re: 5.2 Release flp images And Movie Playback)

Munish Chopra chopra at
Thu Jan 15 10:41:17 PST 2004

On 2004-01-15 07:19 +0000, Kris Kennaway wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 04:09:45AM -0500, Dev Tugnait wrote:
> Please wrap your emails at 70 characters so they may be easily read.
> > Movie Playback seems relatively fine but for example when one would
> > fast forward or seek ahead with mplayer it takes a longer time to
> > seek ahead and play. A very noticable pause which never ever took
> > place in 5.1 Release. Movie playback was excelelnt under it.
> This is a bug in the sound drivers introduced since 5.1-RELEASE that
> has unfortunately not yet been fixed.  There has been discussion of it
> on the mailing list in the past few months, but I don't remember if
> anyone isolated which particular commit broke it (r1.89 of channel.c
> is known to cause playback problems, but that may not be related).

r1.89 of channel.c introduced it. I've gone back through various
combinations, reverting to r1.88 and stepping down to r1.20 of buffer.c
and r1.7 of buffer.h "fixes" the problem. Note that this wasn't
introduced in the buffer.* changes as I've downgraded just those and run
with a fresh channel.c.

My understanding is that Cameron acknowledged this on IRC a few days
ago, but will unfortunately be busy for a while yet. Orion turned in his
bit for safekeeping recently too. I've been in contact with Mathew, so
hopefully he'll be able to figure something out.

Munish Chopra

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