toshiba satellite with black stripe on display

yo.tuck at yo.tuck at
Thu Jan 15 01:12:53 PST 2004

this week i installed freebsd 5.2 release on my toshiba satellite 2410-404
after i downloaded ( and installed the drivers the way i did it on freebsd 5.1 i started the x-server
the screen had a resolution with 800x600 and a ugly black stripe on the right side of the display
the same problem i had with freebsd 4.8, on 4.8 i used sysctl hw.nvidia.registry.SoftEDIDs=0 to solve this problem, on 5.1 x runs perfect without any entry in the sysct.conf
now i tried everything: 
(versions :  XFree68: 4.3.0,1   NVIDIA-FreeBSD: 1.0-4365)




Driver "nvidia"

HorizSync  30-50
VertRefresh  50-60

i also put a modeline which i generated with in it


hw.nvidia.registry.Mobile= (i tried all from 0 to 4)

last week on 5.1 i had a resolution of 1024x768 without any problem...
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