Audio lag in 5.2 (Re: 5.2 Release flp images And Movie Playback)

Kris Kennaway kris at
Thu Jan 15 07:19:09 PST 2004

On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 04:09:45AM -0500, Dev Tugnait wrote:

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> Movie Playback seems relatively fine but for example when one would
> fast forward or seek ahead with mplayer it takes a longer time to
> seek ahead and play. A very noticable pause which never ever took
> place in 5.1 Release. Movie playback was excelelnt under it.

This is a bug in the sound drivers introduced since 5.1-RELEASE that
has unfortunately not yet been fixed.  There has been discussion of it
on the mailing list in the past few months, but I don't remember if
anyone isolated which particular commit broke it (r1.89 of channel.c
is known to cause playback problems, but that may not be related).

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