5.2 Release flp images And Movie Playback

Dev Tugnait dev at unixdaemon.org
Thu Jan 15 01:09:52 PST 2004

I recently cvsupped my 5.1 machine to 5.2 Release, everything went smoothly. I run a Dell 400SC Server machine, i decided to test the 5.2 floppy images out as i always do so to provide feedback and bug reports. At first both the floppies booted fine as it was detecting hardware a <page fualt> <default sector=> etc a full line of things not human readable scrolled by the screen at imense speed non stop until machine was manually powered down.


kern.flp laoded fine
mkfsroot.flp starts booting
Cannot load /mfsroot
Load ACPI failed
Of course since it didnt load /mfsroot ti asks for mountpoint to boot

From here on i recreated the floppy images again and i got the results as step #2 over and over again unable to load mfsroot. The floppies were fine and the images were copied correctly and md5 checkk summed. Finally i got the mini install iso on a CD-RW and the machine booted into the install. Did anyone else face such trouble?

Movie Playback seems relatively fine but for example when one would fast forward or seek ahead with mplayer it takes a longer time to seek ahead and play. A very noticable pause which never ever took place in 5.1 Release. Movie playback was excelelnt under it. I am not using the wrong mplayer drivers they are the same options as 5.1 so thats not an issue here, i have tried alternate options too but all in vain. Are there any new kernel tunable options for enhancing movie playback on an Intel and also for dvd-roms and cdroms as my drives seem to make a lot more noise and the movie playback is no good. I get these messages if i play an avi through a cd ( the encoding is not buggy neither does mplayer complain, tested on 5.1 fbsd ran fine) 

Jan 14 09:56:37 unixdaemon kernel: Warning: pid 4884 used static ldt allocation.
Jan 14 09:56:37 unixdaemon kernel: See the i386_set_ldt man page for more info
Jan 14 10:20:05 unixdaemon kernel: pid 6653 (conftest), uid 0: exited on signal 11 (core dumped)
Jan 14 10:26:03 unixdaemon kernel: cd9660: Joliet Extension (Level 3)
Jan 14 10:26:05 unixdaemon kernel: Warning: pid 50107 used static ldt allocation.
Jan 14 10:26:05 unixdaemon kernel: See the i386_set_ldt man page for more info

I read the manpage but was nto much avail, so in general has movie/dvd plaback affected other users too? 

Thanking you for your Feedback!
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